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Current Challenges

I'm such a bad host! I apparently skip over the sticky's on the board a lot, and I looked today and saw that we have 2 really-out-of-date challenges - one from June, one from July. I'm hoping now that summer is winding down and kids are going back to school that the board will pick up again. I know I've been bad at posting too, been way too busy this summer.

So my question is - do we want to extend the dates on those challenges or close them and start 2 new ones with due dates in Sept, or something else I haven't thought of?

Let's try and have a decision by this Friday, Aug. 27th so we have time to get challenges set up or whatever before Sept.

Also, while we're at it, anything you ladies want/need out of the board that we can help with? Something we're missing? Let's get this place hopping again!

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I think we should have the voting poll on the B&W and also have a poll to find out who will do the altered background paper if it's extended.

I plan on weekly scrapping once school starts (13 days!) but until then, I don't see myself getting anything done.

And I'm with you in the "bad host" category if we're going to label ourselves. ROFL

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I'm with Gwen. Let's vote on the one and ditch the other. Smile I think we should vamp up our challenges honestly. we might get more participation if there was some type of prize. Like if we pooled some money and bought some stuff, don't know, thinking out loud here. I personally like the challenges as they inspire me to do some scrapping, but they certainly haven't got much participation lately. Even before summer.

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I liek the challenges, just don't always have time to complete them on time. Usually I write them down to save for ideas for later. I remember we waited on voting on the red, black, white until I finished mine...and then I did and we all forgot about it Lol

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Nah, you guys aren't bad hosts, everyone is just incredibly busy.

YES, let's get it hopping again!!

I'm open to anything. I just NEED TO SCRAP {Period}!!!

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I agree with Charys... I just need to get everything set up and get scrapping again!!! Hoping that now that DH isn't working as much and after I get things better organized and the summer winds down I'll have more time. I agree I'm game to help out with whatever will get the board hopping again.

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It doesn't matter to me what we do, I love the challenges, but I wasn't scrapping much when those two went up. I can't wait for winter when everyone has time to scrap again. lol.