Cute as a Button (OT and XP)

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Cute as a Button (OT and XP)

So my maiden name is Button. I have too much fun with anything Button themed as a result.

Made this for hubby today. And put it in about the most obvious place I could think of and he still missed it. LOL

His response was a rip roaring "Holy ****" which coming from my Pastor hubby (and especially since he's the one who pushed the whole 'not trying, not preventing' button) is just funny.

(January 26 or 27, 2010.....and Facebookers....we're not announcing this so any comments there and I will hurt you. LOL)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

That's the best announcement I've ever seen! really, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cute!!!!!!!!! Smile

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh congrats!!!! what a cute way to tell him!

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Congrats!! LOVE the card! GREAT idea!

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CONGRATS MISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cute card and a great way to tell your dh! Happy 9 months!

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Congrats!!! omg that card is just adorable!

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WOW!! What a great way to tell him!! Great job.. and most importantly.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, there's been an awful lot of BFP's around here lately.... stay away from me! haha.... Smile

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and what the cutest way to tell him!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin

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That is sooooo awesome Mish! I love, love, LOVE the way you told him, that is so totally adorable (I especially love the "You got Mish's egoo preggo!" ...

HH9M, I'm so excited for you! Smile

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What a creative way to tell him! Congrats and HH9M.

They do say that things happen in threes...2 preggos whose next Smile

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YAY!!!! OMG!! That is soooooooo exciting Michelle!! What an adorable card too. It's perfect!! Congrats and I wish you a HH9M!!!

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Congrats! HH9M!

Love the way you told DH! You make me giggle with the eggo preggo! Smile

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Congrats again... I just noticed... I think we have the same dryer! Don't ask me why THAT's what I noticed ROFL

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"breen31806" wrote:

they do say that things happen in threes...2 preggos whose next Smile

1..2..3.. Not it!!!!!

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Congrats and what an awesome card!

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Now we're up to what like 5 mommies who are currently pregnant?

yes definitely who's next

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Yay!!!! Congratulations! You guys make beautiful babies :D:D:D

and btw, I'll be next but you have to convince my husband lol

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That is awesome! Such a cool way to tell hubby. Congrats!

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Thanks everyone. That's why I love it here... people are excited that we want a big family. I'm so glad I have you all to tell this to.

Already got comments from our mothers "Oh, you trying to copy ?" and a "You're crazy.... but hey, I'm excited for another grandchild" My mom is supportive, and happy, yet the "you're crazy" was still thrown in there. Ugh. I've had ZERO desire to tell anyone I've seen in public, which in a way makes me feel guilty. With the other three I wanted to shout it from the roof top from the moment I knew. I'm just as excited now (unlike how I wasn't excited with the unplanned pregnancy we had that ended up in a miscarriage- talk about guilt there!), but I think this time really is about dh, the kids, bebe and I. (The kids, while we haven't told them yet, have been "ordering" a brother for next time and reminding me that Katie isn't much of a baby anymore and that means we're ready for another. LOL)

The Juno line has been stuck in my head so I couldn't help but use it. I'm trying to get back to being more spontaneous and fun and stop worrying what everyone else will think.

Oh, and the card- I found that "cute as a button" stamp about 3 weeks ago, and bought the set. Hubby told me it was crazy to buy a set when we don't know if God will bless us with another child or not. I just couldn't pass it up and had already designed what the birth announcement would say- which is exactly the wording on hubby's card.... cute as a button, but totally a Schultz. He was just worried that I was setting myself up for disappointment if God had other plans. I'm so glad now that I gave in to impluse. I can't wait to make birth announcements now. Smile

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that is awesome and congratulations!

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holy cow! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's so exciting!!! I need to stop posting on this board, you girls are all getting knocked up and I want no part of that. ha ha ha (one of the moms on the photography board is posting photos of newborn twins she got to photograph, and it's making me get womb-ache - I'm so done with adding to my family, I need nothing to do with baby fever of any sort. :ROFL:)

LOVE the card, that's awesome!

and I can't tell you you're crazy, since I have four. but there are days that *I* feel crazy!

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LOL Mish. Congrats and a very happy healthy nine months. Wishing you all the best!

NOT IT!!!!!

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So cool!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

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"Breen31806" wrote:

What a creative way to tell him! Congrats and HH9M.

They do say that things happen in threes...2 preggos whose next Smile

There are three of us!!! Me, michelle and Lena (pickle in middle)!!!!

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We're all at the same birth board too... that's funny. Smile

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"InspiredHeartDesigns" wrote:

There are three of us!!! Me, michelle and Lena (pickle in middle)!!!!

I am pregnant too.

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"InspiredHeartDesigns" wrote:

There are three of us!!! Me, michelle and Lena (pickle in middle)!!!!

Me too!! I'm due in December. Are all 3 of you due in January?

Congratulations Michelle!! I love your card.

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Wow congrats Mish and a HH9M to you. What an adorable way to tell your hubby, I can just see his reaction in my head.

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Ohhh I missed it!!! what a wonderful way to tell your dh!!! congratuatlions!!!!