Cute silhouette craft/gift

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Cute silhouette craft/gift

I found this link through a little blog hopping. You could do this all digitally or do it all with paper supplies. Sorry I didn't find it before Mother's Day. LOL

Here's the link:

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Cool! That looks fun! Thanks for sharing. Smile

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that is way to cute!!

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that is cute!

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That's too funny... I 'Stumble!'d upon that exact site last night too.

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very cool!

I have a big framed siloutte of me from when I was five ... and it's hanging in my crop corner. the next time I'm down there, I'll take a picture to share with you girls.

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that looks awesome! Smile neat idea for a gift. thanks for sharing. bookmarked it for later Wink

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That is very cool, so who is the gift for. Just being nosey Smile

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It's not one I did -- that's the pic off the blog. Smile My two year still doesn't have any hair -- so the silhouette definitely isn't one I did! LOL!

My parents have silhouettes of my brother and I from when we were younger. But they paid some guy at the mall to do them. LOL But it's neat that you could do the same thing at home for just a few dollars.

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That's really neat!

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That is really cute!