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cutting tools

You guys know those cheap little exacto knife type things for cutting around shapes and such?? The scrapping ones? Do they actually work well and can you use them on thin paper or just cardboard etc? I'm doing some zoo pages and just spent AGES trying to cut them with scissors. SO ANNOYING since it was supposed to be a simple lo. lol I don't have money for a cricut and that but maybe one of those would help? TIA!

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I dont know which ones you are talking about but I use my exacto almost every time I scrap. It works great for what I need it for.

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I'm with Angie on this one, I use my exacto knife everytime I scrap.


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I have one. I don't use it much though. I really only use it to cut circles, but it was worth the $ in my opinion. Biggrin

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I don't have it, but on another mb that I go to there were several ranting and raving about a cutting tool called fingertip craft knife made by Fiskars. It was pretty cheap, only $4.99 at Michael's.

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I have one and I NEVER use it!