Da-da-da-DA!! Pics!

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Da-da-da-DA!! Pics!

Finally I uploaded all the pics from the card class last Sat, and the cards I made for Mothers Day, and an Easter Card. I think I need to make more Easter cards though Wink They turned out cute. I'll point out the "new" things along the way that I used for the cards.

The card class was focused on using Copic markers (really expensive :eek: ) colored pencils (prisma color) and dobbers (the little finger sponges) with ink, along with layering stamped images. They turned out really cute, but Ive got to say...It was hard sitting and waiting for everyone to complete each task along the way, since we did it step by step. Im just a fast worker (insert 10 2 yr olds here Wink ) so it was hard for me to not want to get more done and skip ahead Lol It was a great class though, and I wish I could have all the resources available to me...If I did, I COULD teach these classes!

This was a freebie from Memory Box, where the teacher gal was from

This card with made with the freebie paper from the card party and this cute little kite stamp I got from our friends shop. The sparkly thing is something Ive had for a LONG time, Charys ispired me to USE that stuff up instead of letting it sit Wink

The easter card is with the cute little egg stamp from our friends shop.

The mothers day cards are with the stamp from our friends shop. All a little different.

Thanks for looking!!

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awesome cards those are great

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Those are great! What did you use to shade the borders of the cards? I love how it turned out.

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I used one of those dobber things (sponge thing) with some ink. Isnt it cool! Thats at least one thing I wouldnt have ever done without going to the class. So you get one of those sponges and blot it in the ink then swipe it on the paper. What the teacher lady was saying is that she lets her ink dry out :eek: before she uses dobbers with them, otherwise they're too wet. Im assuming that she has multiple ink pads for each type of technique, esp since she gets it for free :roll: So if you were to do it at home just blot it a little and test it first to see if its too wet.

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those look AMAZING! very nice job! everytime i scrolled down this was going through my head "ooh thats my fave" "no that one is my fave" "ohh i like this one better" and then i got all the way to the bottom and realized that i just love them all!! lol

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:eek:WOW Zene!!! Those rock! I absolutely LOVE that first card. Wow. The owl card is amazing...well, they all are!! Man, I wish I could've attended that class with you. Great job

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Those are great! I agree that it is so hard to pick a favorite! Although the owl is totally adorable!! Smile

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Beautiful Zene!! Love all of them!

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those are fantastic! My favorite is the "laugh" card, but they're all really wonderful!! so glad you shared them all with us. Smile

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those are terrific! I love the rabbit one:D

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Thanks gals!

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Wow, you were busy! They're all great, but I LOVE that first one!

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WOW those are AMAZING ZENE!!!!!!!!! Just perfect. I have never even wanted to take a card class till I saw this post!!!!!!! Those really look like they came from the store!

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:eek: Those are all amazing. I honestly can't pick a favorite! TFS!

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these are great...love the tree on the 2nd one, especially.