daddy book - grandma book template

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daddy book - grandma book template

i did that daddy book for dh for father's day (yes, i'm bad.. i didn't share yet.. i promise i will)...

like this one:

Does anyone have a template for a grandma book? My mom's b-day was yesterday and I had wanted to make one for her... (snuck up on me! of course, i have nothing keeping me busy these days... i don't know what was on my mind!)
I was going to make the template myself, but I thought it would be a lot faster if one already exists!!
while i'm asking... is there one for friend?

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I'm not sure where but I've seen tons of different ones

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I'll keep an eye out, but I'm not sure where to look. Sad

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Hmmm, I did a search at TwoPeas and came up with nothing. They had some Mother word albums and others, but they were all pre-made chipboard to begin with. I'll keep an eye out though.