Daddy Book (pic heavy)

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Daddy Book (pic heavy)

Okay, so I am finally done! I've been working on this project since I downloaded the template almost 2 weeks ago. Going to have it printed on cardstock tomorrow and tie it together into a book. It's DHs first Fathers Day gift. His other may not come for a little while b/c money is tight. He wants to get Scout's footprints tatooed on his arm.

I got the template from
Template credit: Mimi's digi-Scraps

All Word Art is by Bethany at ElegantWordArt

Here is what the project will look like all together. Then I will show you page-by-page

Paper - Denim & Sunshine Kit by Elizabeth Weaver
Flower - Sunflower Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Scribble - Back Yard Boy Kit by twoboyz00

Hard to see... this is an "A" but the paper is off-white

Paper - Boys Blue by Sarah Batdorf
Frame/Tag - Sunflower Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Butterfly - Back Yard Boy Kit by twoboyz00

Paper - Boys Blue by Sarah Batdorf
All Elements - Neverland Scraps, My Girls

Paper - Boys Blue by Sarah Batdorf
Swirls/ Dragonfly - Back Yard Boy Kit by twoboyz00
Frames - Sweet Page Kit by Angie Svoboda

Paper - Boys Blue by Sarah Batdorf
Butterfly - Back Yard Boy Kit by twoboyz00
All other elements - Harvest Spice Kit by Shabby Princess

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That is awesome!

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thats beautiful! great job!

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that is SO cool! He will love it! Be sure to take a picture of the printed version to show us too!

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So sweet - he is going to love it!

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Wow! That is an awesome gift! He will be so happy (at least he better be)!

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It's perfect!! I totally adore it and I know he will too. Great work lady!!

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WOW! this is INCREDIBLE! I know your DH will fall in love with it!


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Oh my that is precious! He will adore it! How could he not! TFS! You did an amazing job! Biggrin

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great job. It's awesome!


he will definitely love it

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Oh thats so sweet! Thats a great idea!

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Oh my gosh! That's awesome!! I love it! I just posted something I made last year that's similar, but I love the big bold letters of this one so much more. I will have to see if I can make something paper like that. Great work!

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Wow, great job!!! TFS I'm sure Daddy is very proud! Smile

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That is so sweet!!! Great job!!