Daddy's day project

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Daddy's day project

Well, I posted the jpeg of these, but here is the printed, finished product. Everything was sized just right - I just had to print it as the size I saved it. The stupid lady at the copy place kept trying to make them fit the 8X10, 5X7 scheme. I got ink for the printer, legal sized paper, and pasted it on posterboard.

Here is the link if you want to see them more closely.

DH loved it BTW!

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wow! that turned out great Smile I am sure he loved it!

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That turned out wonderful!! The colors, quotes, pictures, everything.

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that looks great. i am glad you got it printed! I really like it.

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Wow it looks great! Good Job!

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That is lovely!! I am gonig to have to do that some time!!!

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Very nice! Did he love it??

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That turned out great Carrie! I downloaded that template but I never used it .... it's awesome!