Damien update pic

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Damien update pic

I thought I would post a pic of Damien since the one on my siggy is over a year old. He looks so much like Tyson it is crazy. There are some pics when Tyson was little that looks just like Damien. Still at mil's so these are just a few I had on her computer.


Tyson, so happy he learned how to blow grass





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Such cuties, boy are they getting huge! Good thing you have another baby on the way ;). Thanks for posting these.

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THey are both gorgeous! I love your pics too, you are getting good!!

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Wow they really are getting big. They are so adorable. Thanks for posting the pics. You really have beautiful children.

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your boys are so handsome!!!!!! and you can definitely tell they're brothers. Wink

sure hope there's a chance I get to meet them this week ...

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They do look alike! Smile

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cute pictures!!

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So that's what he looks like now! Wink How old is he? Your boys are so cute!