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    Default dang it lol

    so I was all excited to have all this stuff to show you guys for a change, since I haven't been around much at all....I made a bunch of frosted glasses, a ton of card sets as gifts, and a clock for my niece...she is 12 and cookie CRAZY and I did a cookie monster in the middle with tiny choc chip cookies in place of the numbers lol...now for the dang it part...I wrapped all my presents last night!! I hadn't taken pics of anything! LOL! Typical...not sure if it's the preggo brain or just me as usual lol...I am making a few cards and layouts this week plus one of the exploding photo boxes of my newest baby niece...so I will at least share those Sowwy lol
    Hope everybody is doing well!
    Karen, dh Wayne
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    awwww man! I do that all the time...wrap something or put a card in an envelope before taking a pic. If you will be around when they open it, you could always take a pic then...but if not oh well...we will take your word for it

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    Hey Karen!!! So glad to hear from you...I think of you often. Those things sound awesome!! I would have loved to see them, but I understand preggo brain. LOL
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    Hi Karen! It's good to see you and your ticker! I can't believe you're 30 weeks already. The Cookie Monster clock sounds adorable!!

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    I am always doing that with cards and gifts I make...and I can't blame it on preggo brain! Hopefully you can snag some pics when they open them!

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