darn cold weather (kinda OT)

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darn cold weather (kinda OT)

I want to work on some scrapping and other crafts (making stockings for DH, DS and myself), but all my craft stuff is in the attic bedroom. It is between 5-10 degrees F here today with windchills well below zero. That attic room is always cold...I DARE not go up there today. Hrmph...DS is napping and I wanted to scrap!

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I hear you there girl. I so need to finish the homemade cards I'm making my Grandma for Christmas and I ran out of cards (and cardstock or anything else that would've been helpful in making my own lol)...I must make dh come out with me in the snow to either Walmart or Michael's today. Is there any chance of bundling up just to grab some stuff and working on it in another room?

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That sucks! When I paper scrapped it was in the basement,too, but I got a nice (safe) space heater to keep my toes warm while I worked Smile

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Awe bummer! We're just stuck in the house here with all of our crazy snow but I havent been doing anything good with my time.

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Lol Sorry to laugh, but that just sounds so frustrating!