Darn computer!

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Darn computer!

Okay so you have to excuse me if I miss anyone's post my darn computer keeps turning off on me. I did this page on Jazz at the Jonas brothers concert yesterday. Well really I have been working on it for 2-3 days. Well 3 days and a neck ache later I finish it and right when I am ready to post my batt. on my camera dies! Do you notice how big events are harder to scrap or is it just me? My sister and I won backstage passes to the concert but since it was such a big deal I could not scrap it for ever. Okay I am done now lol

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Yep, big events are harder for me to scrap too.

Hope your computer gets fixed Sad

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Big events are very hard to scrap. That would explain why 3/4 of DS's 3rd year album is empty, because I try to hit all the holidays and such. The random photos I can scrap no problem, his birthday was in May and I have yet to scrap it!

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Big stuff is hard to scrap, because I always feel like I have to make it some wonderful LO to commemorate the occasion. I am stuck on my superbowl LO currently. It is getting there, but I am not super happy with it.

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I feel the exact same way about big events! I HATE my Garth page, and it was one of the greatest nights in my life. Hope you get your computer fixed!