Date stamps on pics?

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Date stamps on pics?

I'm curious how many of you put the time or date stamp on your pics?

We started doing this when Caleigh was first born b/c so many of the pics looked alike at first. And we take so many pics that it helps to keep track of when they're from.

But the downside is that when I scrap, the date is sometimes getting partially cropped, covered, or is in the way of the pic.

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I never put the date on mine. It's a preference really. I just don't like having the date in the way of my cropping. But if you take digital pics, you can always go back and find the date that the pic was taken by right clicking on the picture and going to properties. I do that a lot with older pics.

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I don't put a date stamp on mine either. If I want to know when a picture was taken I just do what Charys said and look at the properties.

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ITA with PP about just looking at the properties

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I never put the date on mine. What I do instead is use Picassa to do a batch edit of the photos I'm having printed. There's an option to rename the files to the date/time the photo was taken. Then Costco prints the file name on the back - voila! I know when the photo's taken!

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I do the same as both Charys and Gwen lol. I don't even know how to put the date stamp on with my camera.

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I don't put the dates on my photos when i take them. I just right click and look at the properties but what I do now is when i upload it gives me the option of putting the date taken on the file names so that makes it MUCH easier. I file every photo by date taken. So one folder would be dated March 13 2008 for example. Biggrin (i have lots of folders Wink ) And when I scrapbook I just put the date on the page somewhere in small text or something.

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i don't date stamp either. what i do, is each day, i upload the pics on the computer, i tag them with the date.