Dayhome Christmas presents? (XP, OT)

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Dayhome Christmas presents? (XP, OT)

Posting this here because I know there are a few people here that have dayhomes, so I'd love to know what you liked the most and what was really stupid!

What's a good gift to give your dayhome provider? I don't know her all too well, need some suggestions. Her dh works on the rigs (away) so I can't get her anything that will take her away from her ds (ie I was thinking a movie certificate, but he's home so seldom that won't work).

And, I'm right in thinking I should get her a gift, right? This is the first year I've had to think about that.

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hmm tough call...we never would expect any of the parents to have to get us something...but of course it's nice when someone else thinks of you. Tough when you don't really know her though.

A couple families got us something, a couple just did cards...we honestly didn't think twice about it. We were more thinking of making sure we got each of their kids something, and the kids chose names out of a hat to make something for eachother too....
as far as gifts we have received:One family gave us like a mini hamper of things in a gift bag...crackers, spreads, little box of chocolates...that sort of stuff. That might work? Another family gave Wayne a coffee making thing and me a set of cozy pajamas, which was also very nice.

Trust me, the biggest gift anyone can give us is to remember which days we are closed for the holidays and not come knocking at our door, unlike last year. LOL

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When my kids were at daycare, we'd give gifts of microwave popcorn and gift cards to Blockbuster for movie rentals. We've also given restaurant gift cards.

Now we give for the teachers ... I usually give baked goods paired with Starbucks gift cards. This year I have some great Christmas plates that I'll be giving the baked goods on.

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I usually give restaurant gift cards. Everyone has to eat right? Wink

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I would go with the resturant or blockbuster gift cards or maybe some slippers so she can relax after watching the kids???