? on decorating wood letters...

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? on decorating wood letters...

My first project in my (half done) new scrapbook room is to decorate wood letters that spell my son's name. I bought them a couple years ago, and I really want to complete them to hang in his room. I have selected the paper I want to use...but my question is...what is the best adhesive to use?? Has anyone else done this type of project...do you have pics to share?? TIA! Smile

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i would use Mod Podge for something like that. I have never used it for the wooden letters, but I use it all the time to adhere (and then put a protective coating on top) paper to wood. Good luck!

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Mod Podge would probably work great. I haven't done it either, but I have used that stuff on other wooden projects and it works great. Be sure to share pics!

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I have made them with wood. I first glued them down with regular glue to keep everything in place and then after getting the edges of the paper just the way I wanted them, I modge podged the entire piece. I also initially painted the wood with a coordinating color first before putting the paper on so it looked great on the sides. I've had them on the wall for two years without any issues. They still look awesome!

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I made my sons name about 2 years ago. I painted the sides to match the color of paper I was using, and I mod podged the paper on. I also put 2 coats of mod podge over the top as a sealer.

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Great advice as always! That sounds really cool, please share when done okay?