deer hunting LO **WARNING: blood involved**

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deer hunting LO **WARNING: blood involved**

Here are two more for me today.

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What a perfect hunting page! I love that big deer stamp looking thing! Sorry I don't know what to call it!?!

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Wow...nice deer!! Great LOs Shelly. TFS

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Great LOs! That deer stamp and the antlers really cool! I like the bright orange paper, too. It really makes it pop.

I'm impressed with your DDs hunting skills!

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WOW!!!! These pages look amazing!! The colors and embellishments are PERFECT! Great work!

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Great job! The orange paper really looks awesome with her orange hat! Great job!

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that looks great!!!!

I couldn't look at the first picture with the tongue hanging out for more than 2 seconds. Lol

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what great pages!! definetly are in the spirit of hunting!! Smile

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That is great. What a great memory for her. She will love that. So cool that she is doing so well. Smile

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Your DD is quite the Annie Oakley! Good for her! Those are memories she'll have forever with her grandpa. It's great that you captured them. And I love the hunting orange you used. Great job Shelly.

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I LOVE these LOs! The orange is perfect and your journaling is too cute!