Devestated (XP) update post #13

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Devestated (XP) update post #13

Well ladies our embies basically didn't survive the thaw. They were suppose to be 5 day blasts and didn't even look like any cell division had taken place. I'm in total shock and I'm angry and a few other emotions in there. I need to clear my head and regroup.

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Oh Kebrina I am so sorry for you! I wish I could just give you a hug, I will keep you in my prayers. HUGS

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I just saw your facebook status. I am so heartbroken for you :bighug: I will keep you all in my prayers.

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I am so sorry, Kebrina. You will be in my prayers. :bigarmhug:

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I am so sorry, Kebrina. I'm heartbroken for the two of you! You will be in my prayers. :bigarmhug:

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I am so sorry.

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I am so sorry to hear that, Kebrina. :bighug:

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oh no....Kebrina I am so sorry ...that is devastating for sure. I will keep praying for you. Wish I could give you a real hug :bigarmhug:

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I am so sorry to hear this.

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:bigarmhug: I wish there was more I could do. Praying for you and your family.

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Oh, Kebrina, I am so sorry! :bigarmhug:

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Thank you so much ladies! Your support is amazing. As of right now I am doing okay. I cried a good portion of the afternoon and then we watched The Ugly Truth (great movie by the way). It took my mind off of everything. I also made plans to travel to Louisiana tomorrow to visit my best friend (the one who lived in Seattle when I met the donor couple). Anyway Cart and I think it will be good for me to get away and not be cooped up in the house with my own thoughts. Man that would be scary. So I'll leave tomorrow AM and I'll arrive back sometime Friday. Please just pray that I make the drive without becoming a blubbering mess.

Once again thank you for your support and hugs it really means alot. Hopefully when I come back I'll have a little clarity to it all.

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I'm so, so sorry! Huge hugs for you!

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Kebrina, my heart hurts for you today dear. Although we have never experienced a loss with embryo adoption, I promise I know the feeling you feel right now. I have literal tears down my cheek for you. I pray for travel mercies as you take a few days to get ahold of the situation. You are in my prayers dear. If you ever need a shoulder to lean on or a ear to hear your pain, please PM me. You'll be in my prayers.

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Oh Kebrina- this just breaks my heart. A trip sounds like a good idea.


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So very sorry!! Hugs!

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Kebrina, this wasn't the news I expected to see. Sad My heart aches for you, I'm sorry the embyros didn't make it. Have a safe drive, I'm sure being out of the house and with your friend is a very good thing for you.


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Oh honey. I'm so very sorry!!!! {{{hugs}}}

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oooh so sorry love!!!!! :bigarmhug:

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so sorry to hear this. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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I too am so sorry Kebrina. Praying that God will envelope you and give you some sense of peace in all of this.

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I am so so sorry to hear this Kebrina. Please try to take care of yourself and I hope you get some relief visiting your friend. You are in our thoughts and hearts here.