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DH's gift

Forgive the slideshow and don't worry about watching all of it, because there are a lot. I wanted to share my one craft that I made DH for Christmas. We have this huge folder of recipes that we have printed in the last 5 years. This was just the top 25. I had it printed as a 4x6 book at walmart for about $10. I hope he appreciates it (I'm sure I will :lol:).

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wow, my mouth is watering! I may have to try a few of those. Smile That's a great gift! He's going to love it! Does he do some of the cooking too?

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What a neat idea Stephanie. I am sure he will love that. TFS with us

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MY DH would love that too he is the baker in this house.

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that is so cool!

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Very good idea. Some of those recipes look yummy!

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what a great idea!! im sure he will appreciate it!

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Hmmmm... I would love to do that with my recipes. When DH and I got married, all the senior ladies gave us recipes. I have like 100 of them all on separate cards. What a neat idea!

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I'm totally hungry now!! What a great idea!! It looks great!

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how clever! And it looks great!!:D

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great idea! I may have to copy that for Orakarn. I owe her some recipes!

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What a great idea! And hopefully it'll get him cookin! Smile