DH's valentine's card (finally took a pic of it)

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DH's valentine's card (finally took a pic of it)

Here is the card I gave DH...forgot to take a pic before putting it in the envelope, and now I finally grabbed it off the counter (where we have all the cards displayed) to take a pic...

The inside says "To the man who puts the light in my life, the spring in my step, and the song in my heart...Happy Valentine's Day!"

The bird and the branches are from Home Decor (bird cut at 1", branches I forget...somewhere between 1.5-2") The music notes are from a punch that I have had for a long time.

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I love that girl! So different for V day yet so perfect for it too. TFS

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That is ADORABLE. I am sure he loved it. Great job.

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That's awesome!!!

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That's really beautiful! Love it!

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Love it!!!

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love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is really sweet! Love the background paper, and good job on the branches!

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Very cute... now you got the song, "Wild Thing" stuck in my head, haha!

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That card is so great! i absolutely love it!