Did you ever...

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Did you ever...

make something that is sooo lame, but you just don't care? LOL. Normally I would not be satisfied with this, but I am just in such a rut lately with no mojo that I just don't even care! I had to make a b-day card for my 9-y.o. nephew, and all I did was cut the monster off his party invite and glue it on the card with a "happy birthday" cricut cut. No patterned paper, no embellishments, nothing. BO-RING!!! I figure he's 9 and he won't care, but it still makes me cringe that I am giving that away! Lol

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I kind of felt that way during this last crop. I totally felt like everything about my LOs was bad from the color, and the titles and the embellishments. I had zero mojo going that weekend but I forced the two because I liked participating in the crop. I still used those LOs in my album but they are by far not my favorites.

Like you said tho, at least a 9 year old won't care about the birthday card thing. Sometimes the creative juices are flowing, other days they are barely dripping.

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LOL He won't even notice Smile He'll probably just like the monster from his invitation on it - but yes, I get that way sometimes too.

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You make me laugh. You are so right, he won't care.

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ooooh, I've soooo been there!!! Especially lately! LOL!

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Oh yeah! Totally been there..seems like more often than not!