did you see!?!?!

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did you see!?!?!

The latest new cartridges!? I just got an email from ohmycrafts.com

GIVE A HOOT!!! Owls, birds, and tress, oh my!(Oh my gosh, I GOTTA Have this!!!)

Straight from the Nest - lots more birds!

Just Because Cards -- looks like another fun one!!

and Preserves

I am loving owls lately!

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You enabler you!!!! I'm off to check them out! :eekout:

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KNEW I shoud not have opened this.

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I know!! SORRY!! The new carts just keep getting better and better!

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The owl one sounds great. I love owls and birds. Can't wait to see what you ladies who get it do with it.

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Holy cow! Could you have included the links too. LOL! j/k

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want pics?? lol.. I saw the email and deleted it, but an hour back went back to look more haha. I just bought a few and didn't need the temptation. I really like the Just Because one.. but I saw on the Cricut forum that it has like 30 of the same shape ( circle) so that is just weird.

This one is Just Because Cards

Straight from the Nest


and Give a Hoot


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GREAT! I so want Just Because, Give a Hoot (LOVE OWLS!) and I love Straight From the Nest! AHHHHHH!

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I just saw three of them on the my pink stamper blog. They are VERY cute!