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I create my pages as 12x12 -

Lately I've seen a lot of offers for free photo books, but when I drop my image in, either as a full page, or into a template where there should be a border, it crops my pages and I totally lose inches around all sides.

I think I have experienced this with Kodak, Shutterfly, and Picaboo.

I can find no option to resize within their templates or "fit to page" or anything like that.

Any insight?

I thought about resizing all of my pages to 8x8, but I don't think any of the books have been square...is that my main issue, do you think?

Guess I might just need to suck it up and pay to order what I'm looking for!

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I print my 12x12 albums through shutterfly with no trouble. You can double click and page and adjust the zooming, but this should not normally be a problem. Mine normally autofit. Are you saving them at 300dpi. I don't think it should matter, just checking. Try shutterfly again, I've never had that trouble. I haven't tried the other two places. (the only part of the albums that are not 12x12 are the covers if you do a custom cover, you need the right dimmensions for that)

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Ooooh, if you see any more freebie book offers, fill me in please, please, please!!!! Sorry, I'm not much help tho. Good luck!

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I have never done a photo book so I'm not really any help - sorry!