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Digi Questions

1. If I create my pages as 12x12 can I still print them as 8x8 if that is what I decide to do? Will the resolution still be okay?

2. I don't know if this will really make sense, but here goes...

I use PSE and when I'm downloading things I put them in one folder, then upload them to PSE and then move them to a different folder, just to try and keep things tidy. But now when I try to use a certain element it tells me it has moved and it "searches" for it. Does this impact anything in my LOs?

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1. You can print in 8x8 and it does not impact the quality at all. I've only printed in 8x8 at this time.

2. Anytime you save your LO in a new name, nothing will impact that specific file regardless of where the elements used for that LO is stored. You should be able to find your LO in the folder you originally saved it in, in the same state you left it in.

When you extract your downloads, you can create new folders to have them extracted without having to open up any program. When you're ready to use the folder, you can go specifically to that one and then open up PSE at that time. I find this very handy when doing multiple downloads and just want to extract the folders so they don't get forgotten or lost. Hope that helps!

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1. You can print in 8x8 - the resolution will be more than enough. The text size may be reduced (and everything will seem 'smaller'), but it will remain in good quality.

2. I don't know what you mean about importing them to PSE and then saving them in a different folder - does PSE have it's own library built in? If not, then you don't have to import and of them - open the folder they're in on your computer (save them wherever you want to keep them) click on the ones you want (using the ctrl key if you want more than one), then drop them onto your PSE workspace - it will open them without moving them.

Does that make sense?

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I find that using the organizer in PSE can be painful because of moving folders like that. so I rarely use it. Wink totally know what you're talking about, but it won't impact completed layouts as the files are already embedded in your psd files.

and you're totally fine with 8x8 Wink