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digi scrappers _ books published...

where do you get your books done? is it cheap? I remember someone saying...a while back..that they had thier comics (or something) actually published into a book they could sell. i remember that being cheap...

any advice would be great. the cheaper the better Smile

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I use artscow.com. I know the 8x8 20 page books are on sale right now for $6.99 and shipping is $7.99 per book since they are coming from Hong Kong. I have been happy with them so far.

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I don't get my pages bound because I don't scrap in order, so putting them in albums as 'photos' makes it so I can rearrange the pages if need be. I get mine printed at Costco for $2.99 a page, then buy scrapbook albums with the page protectors and put them in the protectors.

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I have done them a few different ways.

I remember the post you are talking about, but can't remember who that was who's husband had a magazine printed. Hopefully they will respond. Those were magazine type books.

Artscow is definately the cheapest for printing but I have been sad about the quality. I still use them for fun grandparent gifts, but I won't use them for memory albums that I want to stick around for a couple of generations. I had the exact same book printed with artscow and with shutterfly and the quality on the artscow was just so much more faded and kind of blury. The price difference is huge though.

For very, very nice quality books, I use shutterfly. They print beautiful books. The pricing can by a little spendy, but it is still cheaper than printing pages individually and putting them in a book. I have a 100-page 12x12 book that I'm trying to print right now and the total cost would be $180. I'm hoping a discount will come out, but if you think about how much this is per page, it is still very good. This is also with a nice fully-customized, padded book cover. For a 25-page, 8x8 book, I think I paid about $40, but can't remember exactly.

Costco does really nice single prints. I have done quite a few through them for various needs (hanging, grandparents, etc). Just remember that $2.99 per sheet adds up so I find a printed book at shutterfly to be cheaper and nicer in the long run. There are other sites that print pages too, like 3scrapateers, but usually shipping is more expensive than Costco.

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I usually print mine out as 12X12 sheets at scrapbooksplease.com and put them in an album. They have several qualities you can choose from. Get on and order a free sample pack so you can decide which you would like best. All the teachers in my school use these guys for the end of the year pages for the kiddos.

But I have had books printed with My Publisher and Picabo. Loved them both but I like the My Publisher a bit better.

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Liz, did you keep up in 8.5x11 or switch to 12x12?

It was my DH who's done some publishing. Smile He uses www.lulu.com But you can only do certain sizes. 8.5x11 is one of their sizes though. Their prices recently went up, but it's still pretty reasonable (approx $30 for 100 color pages).


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Beth, I'm glad you posted. I'm thinking I might do our Disneyworld album through lulu since I did it in 8.5 x 11.