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digi scrappers question

Do you save everything you download onto cd's? I was scrapping lastnight and this computer is starting to get sucky. I have to have DH clean it up or give me more disk space cuz it said i have little disk space :eek: I cleaned it up just a few days ago and I had like 8gb left of space on it. Lol But I did download a bit of freebies a couple days ago. I think I have to save everything to cd and delete everything off my computer. I was thinking of saving everything onto one of those DVD type cd's since they have alot more space on them than regular cd's do. Do you do the same thing?


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I bought an external harddrive for mine.

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Since I digi scrap part-time, I save mine to cds. I have a sucky computer anyways, with or without all the stuff.

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I should but I haven't ... wish I had a dvd writer on my machine ...

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We have one external harddrive but believe it or not it's almost full.. of stuff. Smile pictures and videos and lots of other things like movies and music mostly. lol DH has like 3 or 4 hard drives on his computer Lol I think I'm going to start saving my Scrapbooking stuff on his computer. I ran spybot search and destroy today so my computer is WAY faster than lastnight when I posted this. Smile

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We have an external hard drive as well...