Digital kits?

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Digital kits?

Where do you all get your digital kits? I have glanced through some of the sites listed on the sticky, but there are so many to go through, so I thought I would ask what is everyone's favorite place to get digital scrapbook kits?

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I don't really have a favorite. My favorite daily download is Divine Digital. They give you several pieces a day for 15 days so you have a large kit twice a month.

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I don't really download freebies. I buy a lot though lol. My favorite place to buy from is Catscrap or After5Designs ... but the best place to get freebies is from Ikea Goddess -, she searches for freebies and posts the links on her blog. She has been busy lately, but she normally gets the 'best' ones. I also like designer's blogs, they often give away freebies!

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I follow a huge list of designer blogs for freebies, but I use for a lot of my purchases, they always seem to have a sale going on. I also usually google if I need a certain kit.

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It really depends on what you like for a "style" ... and you'll find that out by doing a lot of blog reading, browsing stores, etc. A fun place to browse is the newsletters at You'll see some good designers showcased.

95% of my stash is freebies. But if I'm going to buy I would head to scraporchard as well.

Have fun shopping/browsing!

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Trina stole my ikea goddess suggestion. Wink

They are having a designer call right now and there's some cool free kits. Go to the gallery, scroll down to "designer call" or something like that, and you will find them. Some of them have time limits, so go soon!