digital is obviously not my forte

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digital is obviously not my forte

I did this quickly on the computer since my Dad's bday is coming up. Digital is definitely quicker and more easily accessible, as I have a laptop and can work on that whenever and opposed to my paper stuff that is up in the attic. I am not sure if I like it and will actually give it to him, but it was fun to putz around on the computer anyway. It is made out of freebies (, I think) and word art by Bethany.

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You did a really nice job! I really like the LO.

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I think it turned out good, Lauren! Better than I could do, for sure. I would not have a clue where to start with digital.

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I think you did a great job!!! I'm pretty sure my first ones weren't anywhere near this good. I love the stitching! Nice job.

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I like it! That's an awesome picture, and the wordart is perfect for it!

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I think it is great, keep up the good work!! Smile

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That is really good.

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Wow...I love that blue and the wording is awesome! I think it's great and you should give it. Smile

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i think it came out great!!!! good work

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I quite like it!

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you're being too hard on yourself, that came out really nice!!!! the only thing I'd change would be to add a shadow on the clip to make it a little more realistic. Wink

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Nice for just starting. It is hard to get used to digital after doing paper. I love you page though. The wordart was a nice touch.

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You think digital isn't your forte? I think you're wrong. It's fantastic.

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Oh wow! That's so pretty! And it almost looks paper, which I think is neat, because your paper influence shows. Smile