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Digital program question

I was looking at the intro sticky and want to update the program section. I know some scrapping programs do not take .png files which can be really frustrating if you want to download freebies, etc.

Can you ladies help me out with which one you know that accept them or not.

Photoshop - yes
Microsoft DIP - yes
Scrapbooking Factory - no? (at least my old version did not)

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the free program GIMP takes png's

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The CK Scrapbook program - the new version only ('Deluxe') - does, I'm 90% sure. The old version does not.

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the new Scrapbook Factory does take pngs.

PrintShop does as well.

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I use Macromedia Fireworks and it does take .png files

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Photoshop Elements does

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Wonderful ladies! This is great info. I'm so glad I asked.