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Digital Question

Hi ladies I love to lurk here and see your beautiful pages, I love to scrap book but have little time or space for my paper scrapbooking Like i used to do it, so i was interested in the digital stuff, but dont know how to get into it, buy a program, download stuff, and how do you get the actual pages then print them? Put them on a photo site to print? ANy help and advice would be great

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Check out the getting started sticky on this board, there is a ton of great info on starting digital.

Personally, I get my photos printed through Costco - $2.99 for a 12x18 sheet (I scrap 12x12, so I put one 12x12 and 2, 6x6's on the page and give the 6x6's to the grandparents) ... you can also get books and stuff made from shutterfly and other places, but I've never done that (I scrap out of order, so it wouldn't work for me to have a bound book)...

As for the program, there are tons out there, I'd start by an inexpensive one to see if you like doing digi. The sticky on this board has a ton of resources on all the programs and places to download freebies and non-freebies alike. There are a lot of tutorials online too, how to start and how to do more advanced things as well - google works wonderfully for that!

If you have any questions about digi-scrapping, pm me, I'd love to help - I'm a converted scrapper too! Smile

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Yep, I'd read the sticky and then ask us as many specific questions as you can think of. It seems a tad overwhelming at first, but digital is great.

I love costco for printing individual pages and for printing books.

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The sticky is sooooo helpful!

Everybody seems to have a different favorite program. I don't have a huge budget so I actually use PrintShop which we already had.

There's tons of sites to download freebies from! You'll get addicted to that quick. Smile There's also lots of places to buy full kits from if you're looking for a specific theme. Everything you download will need to be unzipped and stored someplace (an external hard drive or at least burning cds will keep from filling up your computers hard drive).

And printing ... you can print individual pages and put them into an album yourself or get a book published. You just need to decide what size you want to digi scrap in (I do 8.5x11 so I can print pretty much anywhere, but others do 12x12).

Good luck and I know you'll have tons of fun! Smile