Digital Sales to help a designer

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Digital Sales to help a designer

Of course, thee are lots of great sales this weekend, but I wanted to point out two in case you are interested in helping someone in need.

Read HERE to learn about Royanna's situation.

Royanna is currently selling her entire store for $25. I rarely buy digital products but love her stuff and have purchased many items before. There is a link to here sale in the above link. Of course, if you don't have $25, you could always purchases an item or two to help her out.

Wetfish designs is also contributiong to Royanna's cause by offering her entire store for $17.76. If you want to order, she is doing it through email (, just email her and she will send you the info on how to pay, etc. Profits will go to Royanna.

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Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

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that link required a log in ... I don't have an account there. hmmm ... but I have a ton of her stuff from the download-a-day in the past (haven't downloaded there in a few months).