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Thread: Digital Scrapbooking - Getting Started, Freebies, etc

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    Default Digital Scrapbooking - Getting Started, Freebies, etc

    New to digital scrapbooking? Don’t be overwhelmed! Digital scrapbooking can seem confusing at first, but it is very simple.

    First, do you have a program? If not, either purchase a cheap one or download a free one (Picasa). Don’t spend a lot of money to start with.

    Second, does your program have pre-loaded graphics and art for you? If not, go to one of the freebie links below and start downloading a few small kits that you like. Just pick a couple to get you started. There are thousands of freebies out there and you don’t want to get overwhelmed this early on.

    Third, pick one or more photos that you would like to scrap your first page with. You may not get it perfect at first but play around with the program you have chosen. If you are having trouble, just ask us!

    Great website with reviews of top 10:
    -HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant - easy and fast. ~ $30
    -Picasa - quick photo enhancements...fixing red eye, cropping, etc. Free download from Google
    -Adobe Photoshop - in depth photo enhancements & scrapbooking. You can erase things out of a picture, add blur, etc. You can make pages with this program too, but it is more in depth and takes more time. Priced high.
    -Microsoft Digital Image Pro/Picture It – photo enhancements & scrapbooking. Being replaced by Windows Vista.
    -Scrapbooking Factory Deluxe – easy and fast scrapbooking ~ $20
    -Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer – good beginning scrapbook program ~ $10
    -GIMP - FREE program

    All of your backgrounds, accents, edges, frames, and wordart can be downloaded from the internet. You can buy sets or just watch for the freebies. They come in a zipped folder which you unzip and file. An external hard drive is highly recommended because you will collect LOTS of files.
    I am up to 15 CDs worth at present. I have them on my external hard drive and also on a CD just in case. I organize them and then print out as a contact sheet (30 to a page). That way when I am making a page, I can flip through my 3 ring binder and see everything that is available. I number the pages with the number of the CD they are on. –rhythmsofgrace

    There are several websites that you can get freebies from...Some of them you need to sign up for their newsletter and they send you freebies monthly or weekly in the mail. Most of the sites have fun games and challenges. Visit the forums to see what's available and check out their galleries for ideas on pages. Most of them you need to register, but that's free. Here are some… They have a monthly Megakit that starts the middle of the month. They have a weekly Friday freebie...sign up for the newsletter. They have a daily freebie that is a huge megakit each month. They also have a freebies forum where members post freebies they have available on their blogs, etc. They have a daily WordArt freebie each day. They send out a newsletter packed with freebies! They have a megakit that you download and get a password to open at a scheduled chat once a month. They give other freebies at the chat as well. They have a daily freebie that adds into a large megakit each month. Tons of freebies to download. This is a new site with freebies to download You can download past freebies from site and new ones are added regularly Great freebies - You must sign up but many beautiful kits

    Links for photoshop downloads: brushes, etc
    Those and more listed at:
    Another site for free brushes

    There are lots of places to print your page as single sheets:
    Nice albums to put them in:

    You can also print your scrapbook in book format, there are a few sites that do this:

    Fonts - google "free fonts" and get as many fun ones as you can. They are so handy when you are scrapping and can add to the look of your pages. There are several sites that have tons of them.
    fonts can really gobble lots of memory, you can use a free program like the font thing (google it, there's lots of places to download it) to help keep them all organized and it will even show you a preview of each font.... nice and handy IMO It allows you to store font files on external drives or discs and still use them or you can store them on your computer in the main windows font file or special file you have for dowloads etc...

    Font downloads:

    Website Ettiquette:
    Many sites have challenges that you can enter to learn and earn more freebies. It is almost always required that you credit any of your backgrounds, fonts, elements, etc to the person who made them. Thus, you should consider saving the graphics in such a way that you will be able to tell who the artist was if you ever want to post your LOs in online galleries. One way is to make sure the name is in the file name. Another way is to file them in folders by artist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YummyMummy2b
    ok you ready? Laughing here are a few of my favorites I thought I'd share after a few people have pm'd me click on freebies, she has elements and cool actions has free daily downloads and freebies in the gallery has TONS of free downloads once you reach 30 posts... my name there is little dragon if you want to see more of my gallery click on their blinkie in my siggy has some really lovely freebies love her denim and bayadere (sp?)kits... you'll have to kinda look around there a bit gorgeous freebies
    -simplycleandigiscrap tons of realistic images and backgrounds (make sure you're logged in before downloading stuff)

    actions, fonts, brushes etc....
    -obsidian dawn thousands of fonts!!
    -Divide by Zero (again)


    general resource site with all sorts of goodies to find

    click free downloads, digi scrapbooking, photoshop add ons, tutorials etc... this site is pretty big and stuff is scattered everywhere, if you find something you really like be sure to bookmark it or something if you ever want to find it again.... trust me

    just a note... most digi scrapbook require you to provide credit to the designers... make sure you use some sort of system to organize/label stuff. I use an alphanumeric system

    an example

    0001= 3 scrapateers 3st
    0002= scrapbook flair sf
    0003= gotta pixel gp
    0004= freedigital
    0005= Atomic Cupcake
    0007= missprinted type
    0008= Action FX
    0009= Astigmatic One Eye
    0010= Divide by Zero
    0011= scrapbook-bytes

    AAA= Lynne Simmons gp 0003AAA
    AAB= Kimberly Stewart 3st 0001AAB
    AAC= SarahMeyer gp 0003AAC
    AAD= Michelle Pieters GP 0003AAD
    AAE= Stacy Carlson GP 0003AAE 0015AAE (on 2 sites)
    AAF= Kathryn Mhire GP 0003AAF
    AAG= Tara Forbes GP 0003AAG
    AAH= stacey kluczny 3st 0001AAH
    AAI= Eve Recinella 3st 0001AAI
    AAJ= Gray Fryns Gp 0003AAJ
    AAK= Michelle Swadling GP 0003AAK
    AAL= Brenda Miller GP 0003AAL
    AAM= Eduardo Recife mpt 0007AAM
    AAN= Linda Monthei gp 0003AAN
    I keep a "scrapbook key" text file with my scrapbooking stuff and update it as I find new sites and designers. This system works for me I'm sure you'll find one that works for you.

    I'll add the code at the beginning of each zip file when I download it and it's components as I unzip the files. So the code 0003AAF is Kathryn Mhire from Gotta Pixel

    hope that helps! have fun
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    I recommend looking at the Tips for Paper Scrapbooking as well. There are some great LO ideas, links to ABC album ideas and more that you may be interested in.
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    For a cheaper program than Adobe Photoshop look for Adobe photoshop elements 4.0 or 5.0 priced at $99.00 but you can find it cheaper at walmart and online

    For sites I would like to add: with a daily newsletter or just about daily with a freebie in everyone. The digi Chick. I love this one! Great help and gallery and shop! Freebies as well

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    Just found this site today, it ROCKS!!! It shows all of the digi blog freebies out there (well, all of the ones that this woman found)
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    wow that last site is awesome! I'm finding loads of freebies on there thanks alot!
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    Maybe some of you have already stumbled on these (I'm still finding my way around the digi sites), but here's some blogs I've recently bookmarked. (register for their forum to access all the entries to their new contest -- they're all downloadable! I'm currently downloading from there! LOL) (quite a few LARGE size kits for free) (she adds pieces to kits every few days. All of her freebies are archived and can be accessed anytime) (lots of nature themed kits, she's not posting anything new but the older kits can still be downloaded) (she put out an awesome set of zoo animals -- very realistic!) (more cutesie type of kits, some religious themed)

    And of course

    ETA: She's archived her freebies!
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