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Thread: Digital Scrapbooking programs

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    Default Digital Scrapbooking programs

    I am getting ready to get started on digital scrap booking and I am looking for recomendations on programs. I dont have alot of time on my hands (FT working mom of a 5 month old!) SO I am looking for a program that wont take hours to learn and create pages. But at the same time I want a program where I can make great looking pages (I dont want it too elementary looking)

    I was looking online and read a review for Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 3 that said that that was the best...anyone use this one?

    Did you download yours or go buy it at like Best Buy or something?

    Any suggestions?

    Please excuse typos...

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    I don't know. I bought Adobe Elements 5.0 for my photo editing and just realized I could use it to scrapbook as well. It was about 32 shipping and everything on ebay.

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    While I don't do many digital layouts, I edit a TON of my pictures and I use Photoshop Elements. It's a GREAT program but like someone said on a previous post, there is a HUGE learning curve.

    I also got it on ebay for a great price.
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    i use scrapbook deluxe and i bought it at an electronics store!! it's good!! you can always download backgrounds/embellishments/frames, etc. to add to your pages... so you don't have to use only what comes on the program!
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