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    I am not sure how many of you digital scrapbook and how many paper scrapbook, or do both like I do. But I just stumbled across a site that I downloaded several free kits from (all her kits are free!) and I think they are super cute. So I wanted to share. Most of it isn't in English, but the names of the kits are. There are like 11 pages with I think 10 kits on each page! I just downloaded a few, so I didn't look at them all (just mainly baby and kid ones) but the ones I did, I was impressed by. Here is the link...

    Oh and if anyone that digital scraps ever sees anything on any pages I share and you want it, let me know and I will email it to you. I only use freebies so I am not breaking any rules sharing! Or if you are looking for something specific let me know...I went crazy downloading a year ago and I have a 16 MB memory stick completely full...and a ton more on my pc! The big advantage to digi scrapping is that you can share easier!

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    Very cute! I hadn't seen those yet, so thank you very much.

    BTW, most freebies can't be shared except for linking to their sites. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I have seen LOTS of warning to only link to blogs, etc, never to just share kits.
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    I think you are right on a lot of them. I do know I downloaded some that didn't even have TOU in the downloads. So after this long...I don't know where some of it came from. Also I just went back through all the blogs I had saved in my favorites, and some no longer exist. So I am happy to send the links to the downloads that I know.

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