Digital Shadow Box LO

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Digital Shadow Box LO

This is my first attempt at creating a digital shadow box. All of Journi's silly poses makes it fun to extract her from pictures. Like the shoes? They were wedding gifts from his relatives that she insists on wearing now, haha! At least they fit! I was wondering if this counts as texture?

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I don't know if it counts as texture or not, but it is AWESOME. I absolutely love it. Great work!

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Not sure bout the texture either, but that is soooo cool!!! Wowzers!!

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that is really cool!

I think it counts as texture if your background paper has a texture to it. it's hard for me to tell while looking at it if it's a texture paper. your wood frame definitely has a wood texture, so I guess it's Stephanie's call on that one. Wink

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How fun is that?? It'd look great hung in her room.

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Okay, I have no idea how to do half the things I see you do!

This page is adorable, and I would say you definitely achieved the shadowbox effect!


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hmmm...I can't see anythng! Just a big blank space the size of a page comes up....weird. I will check back later for it. Maybe my computer is acting up