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    Default digital vs. paper

    I was wondering how many of you ladies do digital or paper scrapbooking... I have TONS of paper stuff including a cricut expression, but just don't ever do it! I am going into digital media and am wondering if I should try out digital instead. My questions are: How/where do you get your LO printed? Also, for those of you who have changed to digital, are there things you miss about what? I don't know much about what's available for digital I just think I might do it more often and get more completed? has this been the case for you? Sorry I don't post on here often but really need to get my bum in gear getting my sons stuff done so I am caught up when this next baby comes and am wondering what the best route would be.. I appreciate any and all advce! Thanks!
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    I love both. Equally.

    I love paper because I love cutting and pasting with my hands. I like to actually stitch on my pages and I love the actual action of using a rub-on. I love the 3d feel to paper scrapping.

    I love digital just as much. I love to make the graphics and to play with the textures in the program. I love the kits that are available. I love the ability to match a color absolutely perfectly! I love that I can take my laptop to the park and scrapbook there or in the car on long trips or at my moms house on Sunday afternoon. It is convenient. It's easy clean up. I can stop mid-layout and not have to worry about the mess. I can use the same product a million times for only one price!

    I wouldn't change all at once, do it gradually. See what you like and there is always the option of hybrid scrapping as well. Do some digital work and add it to your paper layouts. The best of both worlds.

    I print my layouts at home sometimes or I get them printed at walgreens. I digital scrap 8x10.5 layouts and then print them at home and adhere them to a piece of 8.5x11 cardstock and then just stick it in the same book with my paper layouts.

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    I do both too. My original thought was to use the digi software (PSE5) to get my pics where I wanted them, do any journaling, backgrounds to match..etc, and then when I get them printed, add the 3d elements to them. Flowers, buttons etc..

    Of course, I've never done it the way I had planned..LOL I have digi layouts and I have paper layouts. As a friend says...."I'm Bi-scraptual."

    Anyway..just have fun, play with it, see how it goes. I love that I can use the same embellishment over and over and just change the color or size or whatever and keep going. However, I love playing with paper.

    Both are fun!

    Good luck...

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    I do digital now, and paper has been a while. I love digital because there is nothing to set up and put away. I can just pull out my computer and work on it whenever I want. Plus, I don't have to worry about getting photos printed, etc.

    For printing, I prefer to have them printed in book format at For individual pages, I uses Costco. They are cheap and come out great.
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    I'm a paper scrapper, I'm a hands on kind of person. Give me some paper, glue, embellishments and photos over a mouse any day! LOL
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    Paper person here. I really like the dimensional aspect of paper. I tried digital a little but it felt more like work than fun to me.
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    I do both, but digi has been my passion lately. I just don't have the time to paper scrap with a 9 month old. Digi is great since there is not such a mess and hardly anything to set up! I print my digi layouts from
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    I have only done paper scrapping. I have no idea how to go about doing it digitally but honestly it doesn't interest me too much. I think it so fun to actually have the papers, stickers, etc to make pages with.

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    I went digital a bit over 2 years ago after having been a paper scrapper for almost 6 years. I got a program for Christmas 2005 and haven't touched my paper supplies since. I love digital because like mentioned above, you don't have to drag anything out, the 'mess' is located on your hard drive, and you can buy an element and use it a million times if you want. I also love that you can create things digitally that would take hours and hours to do with paper. I'd suggest you try it, don't invest a lot of money in kits, but start with freebies and see if you like doing it with those, there are lots of tutorials for different programs at the different digi-scrap sites.

    And to answer your other question - yes, I get a TONNE more done because it's digital over paper. I have 3 complete paper albums in the 6 years I was a paper scrapper, and I have 6 already of layouts I've printed from doing digital. The other thing with digital is you can share them really easy - resize and e-mail to your friends and family so they can see your pages too. I get mine printed at Costco as well - $2.99 a 12x18 sheet .... so I scrap 12x12, and put that plus 2, 6x6 copies on the sheet to give to grandmas.

    Also check out hybrid, it's the 'new' thing in digi-scrapping ... is a good place to look for that ...

    Sorry for the long post - digital scrapping is my passion, could you tell? LOL
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