dino tshirt designs

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dino tshirt designs

These are a couple of designs I just finished for a Christmas swap present on my birth board (hopefully she doesn't lurk here!). I have a friend who can print them and also has a heat press to iron them on. I'll be designing a few other tshirt designs for Christmas presents as well.

And another one:

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Those are awesome! I totally love the "Eat your veggies" one!

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Those are so cute! What a great idea! Smile

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Very cute!!! I just made 2 t shirts today. Just remember to hit mirror image when printing Smile

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those are adorable!!!!! i would totally put X in the veggie one... too cute!

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Cute, cute, cute. TFS

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ADORABLE! That veggie one is awesome!

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Those are so adorable, great idea!

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Those are adorable! I'd love one for Karl, he really likes dinos.

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Shannon -- I can send you the files later today (I'm at work) if you want to print them yourself. Just send me a pm with your email. My friend is running out of transfer paper (she runs them on a color laser copier and it takes special paper), but I could get them done up before Christmas if you want me to make one for you.

Same goes for anyone else. I'll gladly share!

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Beth, that would be great. I think I can buy rather cheaply an iron on transfer and we have a color printer and a color copier at work that I could use.

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Those are adorable!

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wow those are great. Nice work!:D

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oh, those are way too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll PM you my email address, I would love to make shirts for Jack. Smile

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emails sent. Smile

And thanks for the compliments girls.