Disney on Ice

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Disney on Ice

We went to see Disney on Ice on Sunday and it was awesome!!! We all had a great time!! So i scrapped some of the pictures... I will probably scrap another page or 2 though, but thought I'd share this one.

Journaling reads: "Mommy and daddy thought you would really enjoy Disney on Ice! Every time we talked about it, you got so excited and would jump up and down. When the day arrived you were bursting with anticipation! The expression on your face when the characters came onto the ice was absolutely priceless!! When the star of the show made his appearance, your eyes lit up and you bounced up and down, and waved as you said “Hi Mickey!” We have never seen you so excited before Cadence! Mommy was lucky enough to capture that moment on video and now we can re-live it over and over again. Thank you so much for this treasured memory. "

Here's the video I took of her in which the journaling references.

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Oh, WOW, that video is soooo precious!!!! It actually makes me want to cry! *sniff, sniff* That's how my kiddos were when we went to see the Wiggles. There is just something so magical about seeing your kids so excited like that! Biggrin Your LO is really nice! I like the Disney-like font and the little buttons. Very cute!!

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Awesome layout - you got some great pics, and the video is so adorable!

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I love the video!! It made me tear up a little Smile

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We almost went when they were in town here. Looks like everyone had a good time.

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I wanted to go to that...I know even I would LOVE that. Great LO!! TFS

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as soon as i moved out of my hometown, they come there! and not here! boo! but im glad that you all had a GREAT time!! and that video is soooo precious!! those little red curls were just bouncing away! love the LO!

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love the layout! I saved it to my 'lift folder. I really love how you did the black mats and then colored mat on the center photo, just looks terrfic!

and I love the video! she's way too excited, cute!

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"Cherrykitten" wrote:

I love the video!! It made me tear up a little Smile

My husband has watched this video numerous times now and he tears up every time he watches it. It's so cute!

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nice LO and SUCH a cute video! what a sweetheart she is!!!

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I think Katie said it best...that's magical! So sweet! I'd love to take K to something like this one day!

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l love the LO! The video is too cute, it's great that you thought to videotape that!