Do you have the Cricut Create?

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Do you have the Cricut Create?

Okay, I have been holding off on buying carts until we had a little more spending money, it's been tight. But, I think I am going to get a couple font cartridges and a couple image ones now. Tell me, if you have a create, which image cartridges you have that do well with it. I keep reading about some being harder to cut with the create because of the intricate details and not being able to make the pieces big enough.

I am also curious what everyones favorites are and what you use the most. I have went through pages and pages of samples to see which ones I would use most and I have no idea. lol.

I will use anything I get for cards and for pages for Allie and Jamie. No home decor until later on when I end up upgrading to an expression lol.

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I have the Create and LOVE it. Have not run into any issues whatsoever. Infact, I love that you are able to cut as small as 1/4"....opposed to 1" with the baby bug. Yes, they are the same size, but the features on the Create are great. I've got so many carts right now I couldn't pick a fave....of course recently I've been using New Arrivals and Sweethearts a ton.

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I now have a create and only Don Juan that came with it. So far I love it and haven't had any probs with it. Hoping to ehar what other have to say about which carts are fun!

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I've been having fun with Zooballoo lately. I also like Everyday Paper Dolls but haven't gotten to play with it much.

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I am loving the everyday paper dolls and paper doll dress up, which I both got for Christmas. I haven't had enough time to play with them as much as I would like, but they are both so versatile, with the dolls and outfits but also the different accessories and seasonal items...if that makes sense.

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New Arrival!

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yeah, since you have 2 LOs, New Arrival will likely come in handy for baby/kid pages. It is also great for preggo, baby, and kid cards.

ETA: that is to say LOs as in little ones, not layouts Lol On the scrapbooking board, it is hard to use that abbreviation Wink