Do you notice a pattern?

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Do you notice a pattern?

I was sitting here looking at the stuff I scrapped over the weekend and this week and noticed that this seemed to be the week for Circles. Not sure why but a lot of the stuff I did ended up with some sort of circle pattern paper or circle embellishment. Anyone else notice any sort of pattern to their stuff or even a period of time?

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oh yes! sometimes I think I get in such a rut. Like my normal 3 photo designed layouts. I do follow a lot of the same patterns! But I also think that's what makes a style "yours".

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Ditto... I have my fall backs that I go to when I'm stuck.

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I do that too. Like I learn a new trick and then I run it right into the ground! Lol

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I went through a circle phase too, it lasted several LOs until I noticed it and made a conscious effort to try something else.

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I do that all the time. I have to really concentrate to make my layouts different.

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Oh yes! I always find myself doing 10 pages in a row that are similar before I switch it up Smile