The doctor called...

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The doctor called...

hCG was

Well if we get the eggies this month my due date will be friday, march 13th!. nice huh?

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Liz, I am so sorry.

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Sorry that you didn't get any real answers. I hope everything is ok and you can find out what's going on. You're in my thoughts and prayers Liz.

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Sorry Liz. I'm sure a part of you was still hoping and also hoping the doctor would be able to tell you for sure if you had been or not. March 13th would be great Lol

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Sorry hon (((HUGS)))

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(((Hugs))) I'm sorry.

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It's ok. i just won't be testing early next time. Smile This cured me from meing a pee on a stick a holic lol

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Oh hon. :bigarmhug: I hope you get a BFP that sticks soon.

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I'm so sorry you didn't get the answers you were looking for Liz. I hope you get that BFP soon and that little bean sticks for you. (((hugs)))

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my brother's birthday is March 13, maybe that's a sign!!!!

anyhow, I wish I knew what to tell you with the low hcg, but I don't. I'm just sending LOTS of baby dust your way for this month!

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I'm hoping that March 13th is our lucky day! Biggrin

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Okay well heres to hoping for a BFP in July!

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I'm so sorry to hear that Sad

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