Does any one belong to a scrap kit club?

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Does any one belong to a scrap kit club?

I didn't need a kit club when I first started scrapping, I lived in the Phoenix area and there were 7 local stores plus Micheals, JoAnns, and Craftmart.

Once I moved to Oklahoma I just needed a scrap fix so much more often then I could get to Oklahoma City and even the yucki little store in Norman could provide me.

I used to belong to "The Scraproom" I love their tiny kits, I can get a lot of LOs from those 5 sheets of paper. Plus that have some really good add ons. I am no longer getting the kids because my mom is also on their message board and her and I had a falling out.

I just signed up for "Addicted Scrappers" to me these kits seem HUGE! I like how there are two kits to choose from. I liked both the pink kit and the star kit so I am getting both, shipped out TOMORROW! plus one of their older kits. Their message board is pretty quiet.

Lastly is "The little red scrapbook" I joined this one because I am a paper ***** and I am not so much into embellishments. Part of the add ons to this kit is 2 other lines of paper. Plus a ribbon add on kit, I can all ways use more ribbon!

Another great place to visit is Willow Traders. They are all about all the kit clubs.

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No, I used to do a monthly one with a group from my local scrap store. I decided I would rather spend the money on stuff that I knew I would like (I usually liked it but you often get papers/colors etc that you'll never use). I have gotten the self-addressed ( kits a few times and liked those.

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Wow!! Those are really cool. What a novel idea. Somethign like that would be good for me too as I dont' have many places near me to get stuff either. TFS that!

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I like the message boards! On TSR I met Tami In Las Vegas and when I went to AZ in the spring I went though Vegas and go to meet her.

She peer pressured me into Bad girls...