Does anyone have this?
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Thread: Does anyone have this?

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    Default Does anyone have this?

    I am thinking of buying this - http://scrapbooking-software-review....xe-review.html
    Right now I use PSP and downloaded elements/embellishments which is getting kind of old. I would like something that has most everything included in it, and this looks pretty cool. Has anyone used it, and what did you think? Thanks, ladies!

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    That's what I have but I just got it recently. I have always done paper scrapping. It has alot of neat embellishments but I'm not sure yet how much I like the whole digital thing. I will say there are lots of already made pages that you can just put your pics in and that's neat if you don't have a lot of time. The other thing I like is being able to create a page and no mess to clean up!!
    When I got mine there was a $10 its not a bad price at all!

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    i have that program too i really like the embellisments and frames that they have in the program.. BUT i have found that i've downloaded tons too some of the frames, etc. aren't my style, i'll never use them... so i download what i want but still use the program to put the pages together!
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    I have it, but I'm just a begginer. I don't like it that much, but out of the 3 I had to choose from at Costco it had the most stuff. I guess I'm really not a good reviewer because I don't really know that much about scraping yet.

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    I have it. It is what I made Andrea's birth book with. I loved it in the beginning, but now that I am more advanced there are a lot of things it won't do so I have switched to Microsoft Digital Image Pro (DIP). DIP doesn't come with much art though (it has some) but it does almost everything that PSP does like changing colors on elements, etc. Scrapbook Factory Deluxe is really nice if you just want to put together a page with little fuss.
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    Thanks, ladies! It sounds like what I'm looking for because I don't like to mess around with my programs too much. And quick and easy will be nice with a newborn.

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