Does anyone have the Wild Card cart?

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Does anyone have the Wild Card cart?

If anyone has the Wild Card cart, I'd be more than happy to pay you to make me a few of the ADORABLE birds on there about 1.5"-2". I will pay the shipping too.

This cartridge is amazing. It has icons, font, boxes, sayings and more. Wow. :eek: We so can't spend money on a new cart, but that's the next one I'm getting!!
check it out

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Sorry Chary's I've never even heard of this one.

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Good luck getting some of those birdies! I asked about this cart a while back because it looks SOOO cool but with a babybug, I didn't think I could do as much with it. I hope you get the birds (or buy the cart Wink )

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I've seen it but don't have it. It has some super cute stuff on it! Sorry I can't be any help.

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I haven't seen this cart before. It looks like it can do a ton of stuff. I'm sure if you can wait a few months Custom Crops will have it for sale at a decent price. I just looked and right now they are selling it for $44.99. But I guess that doesn't really help you get the birds now, sorry.

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Awe bummer! I WISH I had any cricut anything Wink