Does this card need something more?

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Does this card need something more?

I keep going back and forth as to if it's finished or not.

White card, blue baptism paper, vellum square. "Baptism" stickled on the vellum, cross sticker added and brads used to secure the vellum.

It's one of the simpliest cards I've done in a long time, and I think that's why I'm worried. It just was too easy to make iykwim.

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I think the paper is busy enough to make up for the simpleness of the design. You could put a small flourish or something in one of the corners if you felt like you had to add something but I honestly think it looks good as is.

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I think I would leave it as is. With the paper having the large pattern I'm not sure I would add anything else because there's already a lot going on. Very nice! And I'm pretty sure if I tried to stickle a word it would no longer be legible! Lol

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Very pretty! I don't think anything else needs to be added.

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I think it's perfect, I wouldn't add anything at all.

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I think it is perfect, don't change.

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Sometimes simple is better, as in this case. (though this doesn't look very simple to me!) I wouldn't add anything. It's very pretty.

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I like it as is too!

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I LOVE it, and I'm with Kelly, there's no way I could have stickled a word. That card is GREAT!!

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Thanks everyone. I'll just focus on getting a sentiment stamped inside and then call it quits. Smile

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I'm late in replying, but I think it looks really nice!