Don't forget to vote! (and challenge discussion)

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Don't forget to vote! (and challenge discussion)

Voting closes tomorrow night for the scraplift challenge.

And should we extend the color challenge? just thought I'd ask to see if anyone else was planning on doing it. I know scrapping has slowed down with the summertime, I'm thinking we should make the challenges longer over the summer. Thoughts?

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I seem to be able to keep up. Smile But I do agree that we are getting fewer and fewer submissions now. I am up for whatever. And I voted. Smile

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I don't feel like I ever have time to participate in the challenges, but that is just b/c my scrapping time is so limited. So don't go based on me Lol

I am planning on finishing hte color challenge once my cricut mat is dry from being restickied.

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Let's keep it open for right now at least till those who have done pages get them posted. Smile

I use the challenges for motivation to scrap, so I like seeing at least two posted per month. But when need be, I don't see any reason to not extend the deadlines.