Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

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Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

I told you I was going to do a million layouts with the wallet size pics!!! Lol They're not all going in the same album, so I figure it's okay, right? It's just that I always have such a hard time narrowing down what pics to put on a page, and this is a prime example! This LO shows our trip to a local amusement park at the end of the summer. There was no picture (or even a few pictures) that defined the day. I really wanted to include a lot of pictures of everyone on rides, with their little prizes (you know those junky stuffed animals and plastic whistles, haha!), pictures of my brother and his family who we went with, etc. I wanted a little bit of everything!

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awesome layout!! I think you did an excellent job capturing all those memories!!!

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i think it looks great with all of those pics on there!

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love it! just added it to my scraplift folder, expect to see it soon from me. Wink

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that is an awesome multipic LO. Love the arrangement of the pics as well as the papers you chose. Great work (as usual!)

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That's very awesome! Love how you used the circle pictures in amongst the squares. It really helps break up the pictures and makes the whole layout so easy on the eyes. Wonderful job

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That looks awesome! I LOVE how you were able to get so many pictures on there!

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This is so perfect! I am stuck on my fair page cause I have too many photos but you just solved my problem! THANKS

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Wow Katie!! That is so good! Love that big circle, it really gives the eyes a place to land. GREAT job!!!

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I think it's great you managed to show so many memories from the day!! I really love the curve on the left side too, it adds that extra 'oomph'

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We're going to hold you to that promise of a million layouts with lots of pictures, because this one rocks! Wink Love how you made it look uncluttered, yet included so many!

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"MommyCB" wrote:

We're going to hold you to that promise of a million layouts with lots of pictures

Haha! Don't encourage me!!! Lol

Thanks, everyone!

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Awesome LOs! I really love lots of pics on a LO.

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