It was doomed

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It was doomed

It was doomed to happen. My camera went out. It was a freebie that I got when my good camera went out. No more freebies. They don't last longer than a few weeks. So now I'm out seeking opinions. I need a decent camera. I don't need the canon rebel SLR for $1000 but I do need a halfway decent camera that I can take decent pictures with. How's a girl supposed to scrapbook without a camera? So please help me out.
What kind of camera do you have and do you like it?
Would you purchase it again?
What do you like about it?
How much is a reasonable cost for it?

Thanks Ladies.

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I got mine on Ebay that was refurbished for MUCH cheaper than retail. It's an Olympus E-1, but it's a lot of camera, if you know what I mean. My friend just bought a NICE Kodak camera off Ebay (that was also refurbished) for only like $150 and it was normally 300+. I would hate for you to have a bad experience from that, but we are both lucky and our cameras work GREAT. Just a thought.

Sorry yours' went out. That's so frusterating! Good luck with finding one.

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Chary's what do you think of your olympus? My mom has always had them as 35mm and loved them. When Patrick was born she bought a digital and it's a pain and a half. She can't get it to work right. It always take almost two seconds for the shutter speed and she's not happy with it at all. I was definitely thinking about e-bay but even the Rebel's are $1000 on there. I've had fuji's for the past four years and I was very happy with them until my shutter button broke and wouldn't click anymore.

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I love my Olympus, but it's also got a lot of bells and whistles that I don't know how to use. DH is way better at it than me. If I had to do it over, I would buy another Olympus, only a less expensive model without the extras.

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I have a Sony Cyber-shot

I like it and would purchase it again. I like that it's small I can tuck it in my purse.
Not sure what a reasonable cost for it is. Dh got it for $200 from a guy he knows who sells cameras.

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Awww, so sorry. I'm not sure if I would recomend mine or not so I'll stay quiet on your questions.

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I have a Nikon dSLR (the D80), but have had a couple of really nice p&s cameras before that.

Do be aware that almost any p&s digital camera is going to have a delay in the shutter release. That's one of the main reasons I upgraded to a dSLR (I got fairly good at anticipating a shot, but it's really hard when your subject refuses to stand/sit still).

A great place to check out camera reviews is DP Review ( You can even compare different models there. And you can search by brand, price, etc.

The photography board here on also has a sticky about picking out a camera and lots of ladies with all kinds of different experiences.

For the record, I had an olympus p&s that I loved until it just quit working 18 months after I got it. It produced great pictures, but I'll never buy another Olympus camera b/c their customer service SUCKED! My 2nd camera was a Pentax Optio 550. LOVE that camera still and take it with me in situations where I don't want to lug the D80 around. I have used several of the Nikon Cool Pix cameras through work and friends and have had nothing but good results from them.

Best of luck in your search and be sure to let us know what you choose!


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