Double Trouble Layout

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Double Trouble Layout

My DD playing with a mirror, it was so cute the way she thought there was another baby to play with!


As always, click for credits.

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Cute! Love the ribbons hanging down like that.

I will have to do a Quadruple Trouble layout when the twins are big enough to play with a mirror... LOL... Although I've heard that twins aren't as interested in mirrors as singletons, since they just think it's their sibling.

Charys, is it true?? lol

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Oh my, now THAT is cute. Your title, fonts, pics, everything! I am so lifting this one. I love it!

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This is really awesome! Each time I find a favorite page of yours' you create another favorite. Your "thoughts" are what make this page awesome! I love the pics too!

"RR333" wrote:

Charys, is it true?? lol

Lol !!! ha, not so into my mirrors, so is that why?! ha!

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Such a cute title and those pictures are just so precious.

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I love it! Especially the "trouble" font...may try to re-create that by hand lol

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That is GREAT Trina. I too lifted it. You always scrap the neatest things...TFS

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oh, that is way too cute!!! love the pictures AND the layout!

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hehehehehehe. Kaitlyn cracks me up. Such great pictures and scraped to showcase them well.

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Really cute!!! Love the title you chose.

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I love it, as always Wink I really adore the red and the ribbons!

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I'm scraplifting your title! I have some pics of Caleigh in front of a mirror, too.

Another great page Trina! I love the fonts you picked for your title!

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that is too cute!!
X loves mirrors as well