The drama continues.... (long and ot)

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The drama continues.... (long and ot)

So crazy from the laundry room story continues.....

Today Patrick is begging me to go outside our courtyard and we're right by the pool, so we go out and we're just playing along the edge, when I realize that Patrick's tricycle is over by the clubhouse. That's weird. So I move it back to our porch. It had been out in the front but now I'm keeping it in the back. I knock on my next door neighbor and ask her if she had seen anything. She said no but she noticed that it had been there and she thought maybe we had been playing with it and left it there.

We went out back and my other neighbor calls me over to his corner and asks me if I saw that little tricycle thing in the corner of the clubhouse (aka our trike) so I tell him yes it was ours and I moved it into the back yard. Well he says that he found it in the pool yesterday afternoon. So I told him about crazy.... and he says that he knows who I'm talking about and he's not sure she lives here either but that he doesn't like her one bit and he thinks she did it. I mean seriously? Can we say immature? We are talking about a woman who's in her late thirties early forties throwing a childs tricycle into the pool. I of course can't prove it, but who the hell does something like that? I'm keeping that trike on our back porch and I'm getting a lock for our porch so people can't just walk in. That's freaky.

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OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I would ask if your complex has cameras just to prove if it was her. You have to call to see who this crazy woman is! I means a kids bike! Sorry you have to deal with this.

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that is messed up! I read your saga yesterday about the laundry, but was on my iPod when I read it so I couldn't reply (it's just really hard to post from the gadget). anyhow, it's so messed up!!! you definitely need to have her followed up by management to see if she really lives there. because it's WRONG for her to do laundry there and to mess with your stuff in the washer without giving you time to get back to it (like at least 5 minutes, who ever times their laundry perfectly). And the tricycle business is INSANE!!!

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Wacko!!! I can't believe she did that.

Find out where she lives.

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ITA with Nancy here. This is unreal. You need to find out where she lives.

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Ugh, how frustrating!

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Posts: 2106 frustrating... i would see about finding out where she lives or call management and ask them about her. maybe they know who she is and if she lives there or not.

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That is scary Erin. I mean in this day and age you can't be too safe. I'd definitely get some more scoop on this freak.

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:eek: I say call management too. That's just crazy. Please KUP.

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Ok, I would totally be telling the home owners' association now - not about the trike because you can't prove it, but about the laundry. That is just sick - I read about it on FB but didn't know it was about the laundry thing ... that is just so immature!