Drama Queen! (and a card)

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Drama Queen! (and a card)

I'm hosting a scraplift challenge for one of my CT's, and this is the page that resulted from it ...

Some days you are THE biggest drama queen. You’d think something major happened to get you to react like this, but it was only because Mommy said one simple word - NO.

Image is linked for credits.

And I made this card for my neighbour/babysitter/dh's coworker, she just got married.

Outside (linked)



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Lol love the page.

the card is wonderful. Love it so much!!!

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Great job! Ryan does the same thing when i say no!! lol he throws his head back and starts pouting! haha i love the card!

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Loving that layout. May have to steal that idea. I have that same expression many times a day.

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What a great LO and card Trina! TFS

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oh, I adore that page!

and the card is terrific!

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I just love that page! What a way to capture those little moments. ove the use of the red and the string and font!!!!!!

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Great page! I think it will get lots of fun lifts from it. Kaitlyn is adorable even when being a drama queen! Smile

The card is cute too.


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Can't see these either....stupid computer....:confused:

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